WordPress: Fixing up the syntax error

There are several WordPress guides, tutorials & code snippets are available on the internet. They are all intended for those users who want to try on their websites, new things & want to explore more about WordPress. Unfortunately, a single error can destroy the whole website which is the very scary thing especially for users who are new to it. For instance, if you try something new on your WordPress site & an error flashes “syntax error,unexpected…”, then you need not require to freak at all. You are not the one who receives this error in WordPress, indeed not the last one. In this blog, you will come to know about how you can fix up this WordPress syntax error.


To avoid errors, use proper syntax

The syntax error basically comes up with a very minute mistake that occurred in your code. It could be an extra curly bracket or a missing comma that can easily break the whole script.


Using FTP to fix up the syntax error

You need to edit that code in order to fix up the Syntax Error. You have the alternate to either get it fixed or to remove it. Mostly the beginners freak out because of the fact that this error results in inaccessibility of the entire site. FTP is the only way that can fix up the syntax error. You need to use the FTP via the last edited file through this. After the installation of FTP Program, you need to connect the same with the website & need to visit the theme file that has been edited. If in case you forgot which file has been edited by you, have a look over the error code. The error code will let you know about the file exactly & the editable line as well. You need to either write the correct syntax code or remove the last added code. Once you are done with code addition/removal, you need to save file & get it uploaded back to your server. Now you need to visit the WordPress site & get the page refreshed and you will find that your site will start working.


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