What is Interaction Design & How it works?

Interaction design is practicing the design with digital products, systems, environment & services that are interactive in nature. It is useful for both digital & non-digital (physical) product to explore how a user is going to interact with the same. Interaction design includes the common topics such as software development & human computer interaction. The main focal point of interaction design is its behavior.

The design process of interaction can be recognized as “About Face”- Allen Cooper

Qualitative Research

To proceed with one must know the elements of the interaction design. In simple terms, we need to know about the users Attitudes, Activities, Aptitudes, Skills & Motivation.  


This includes the personal basic information like work, family, living environment or any situation that is specifically associated with the description of the product usage.


Scenario can be Action or Problem based. According to the persona’s understanding you can envision those problems that are being experienced by the product usage. Personas facilitate in preplanning of the solutions & let you to head off the user difficulties possibility, through development of scenarios based upon mock problems.

Prototypes & Wireframes

Prototypes &Wireframes are being considered as vital steps to reach out the solution. There are some of the premium tools available related to prototyping like Invision, Axure, Mockplus etc. You can show the idea easily without taking any help from the programmers.

Expert Evaluation

Once everything is done you can invite your designers to do the prototype evaluation. The commonly used method of evaluation is Heuristic Evaluation which is standardized by Nielsen Heuristic.

User Evaluation

At this step, you can experience some typical users does the expert evaluation after testing the prototypes. At this users being assigned with the special tasks. It is being suggested during the phase of precise evaluation to record the encountered problems and make them score at the stage of testing.


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