Node js: New improvements & added features

Node js: New improvements & added features

The new version of Node.js comes up with a lot more features and fixes for the developers to improve the developer & debugging workflow. It has been renamed as Carbon as a codename.

Essential Features of Node.js

Ignition & TurboFan

By introducing this, it brings out a biggest change amongst the Node.js; developers can easily see this in the latest release. TurboFan is the compiler here & Ignition is the interpreter. The collectivity of both compiler & interpreter has gleaned from analyzing the performance of Java-script & considering carefully the limitations of Crankshaft & Full-codegen. It forms a foundation within which we are capable to optimize the JavaScript entirety for next upcoming years.

Node.js has Npm 5

Users can also get the access to npm 5.0.0 which will now be saved as by default now. Package-Lock, json will be created automatically in npm 5 until unless npm-shrinkwap.json exists. Apart from this, if there is unavailability of internet connection there is no need to retry network requests. The other essential change in this regard is that npm 5 will install the packages from the switched latest registry.


N-API will be an add-on experimental feature to Node.js API said by the Node foundation. The most prominent reason behind adding this N-API in node.js version is to make sure that it add-ons that not at all influenced by changes of JavaScript underlying engine.  Therefore, you need to require recompiling while you run native add-ons with Node.js different versions. Native add-ons also, work well with Microsoft’s Chakra-Core runtime as well.

Implementation of the new URL

Implementation of the new URL is being supported fully by non-experimental API within the Node.js. This new URL implementation’s best feature is that it matches implemented URL & available API’s in the modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge. Therefore, URLs that consists the code can be easily shared across the environments.

New Async & Tracing Features

The new version of node.js comes up with experimental upgraded feature of async_hooks module. API diagnostics helps developer to track effectively the operation of Node.js event loop and it keeps an eye on requests that are asynchronous.

Buffering APIs after significant changes

The prominent changes after buffering the APIs within node.js are the return of a zero-filled buffer. The previous versions of node.js pursue the return of uninitialized memory which contains sensitive data.

Changes in Console & Debugger

Previously, writing console output with underlying stream generally resulted in the application crash of node.js. But in the upgraded version it fixes such errors & APIs are safer to use. The new node.js version comes up with a debugger command line.  When the node-inspect directly integrated into node.js there the command line meant for replacement. Apart from this, this feature is upgraded to a supported feature as a whole.

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