Measuring website effectiveness

There are two major aspects through which effectiveness of a website can be measured. Firstly, it can be measure through the site effectiveness; secondly it can be measured through the ROI of online marketing efforts. Both are different from each other. First one is pretty much straight forward whereas the second one is a little bit complex than the first one.

Following are the non-tangible factors upon which the site effectiveness depends on:

  1. Usability: Is the site is loading fast & is easy to navigate
  2. Clarity: Is the user or visitor feels comfortable what you have written on the site
  3. Sales Friendliness: Analyzing whether the visitor is comfortable enough to make an enquiry or purchase about the offered product or service. Is every instruction related to how to order it clearly given?
  4. Branding: Did the online experience of the visitor reinforce himself towards the brand awareness or he will forget about the site as soon as he closed it.

Tangible Factors: Measuring Effectiveness

  1. Number of visitors that can be counted on daily, weekly, monthly & yearly basis.
  2. Number of enquiries & products order placed
  3. Number of enquiries generated via call/email through website source. (commonly not measured)

Tangible factors can be directly affected by the non-tangible factors. There are other tangible & non-tangible factors that also facilitates in measuring website effectiveness like bounce rate, time spend on site etc. But most of all the aforesaid is important rest are encompassing in relation to this. One more point is to make sure that the budget is clued to your accounting system in order to calculate in contrast to your profit margins.


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